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Pizza Ovens


With high output, optimal heat distribution, total controllability and very quick recovery, PizzaMaster® ovens come in many different models based on five world-class series:

Modular pizza ovens
PizzaMaster® 700 series: For any size pizza and market-optimized for Ø25-35 cm pizzas
PizzaMaster® 800 series: For any size pizza and market-optimized for Ø30-41 cm pizzas

Counter Top ovens
PizzaMaster® 350 series: Multi-purpose and for any pizza size up to Ø35 cm
PizzaMaster® 400 series: Multi-purpose and for any size pizza up Ø41 cm
PizzaMaster® 450 series: Multi-purpose and for any size pizza up to Ø46 cm

Ovens for pizza restaurants with big demands. The main characteristics are economy, safety and stability. The special design of casing gives the ability to increase the temperature at 340°C in very sort time and keep it stable even the user opens and closes the door continuously. The desired temperature can be selected by high safety thermostatic switch. The door is similar like in bakery ovens for easy loading and unloading.


Quality pizza ovens

A product of the highest quality, 100% made in Italy, manufactured entirely in Modena, which stands out for its ease of use, its durability and the reduced energy consumption to make it work.

We make woodgas or combined ovens that have a very high degree of isolation and a very low energy consumption.

We make woodgas or combined ovens, which have a very high degree of insulation and soundproofing that guarantees a higher yield during cooking. They are created in different shapes and you can choose whether to receive it pre-assembled or disassembled for assembly on site. A very important aspect of our pizza ovens is the thickness of the cooking surfaces and copulas, which is greater than that of our competitors.

This allows you to get the best cooking results from the food you are preparing.