VITO-Oil Filtration System

You will serve optimal fried products with a better taste.
You will get much better profit by significantly increasing the lifetime of your frying oil.
You decide the highest safety standards and secure handling

VITO 30                          VITO 50                     VITO 80

The use of VITO®:

affects critical parameters positively, like Polar Compounds (TPC), Acids and the accumulation of Acrylamids and Polymere Triglyceride.
achieves even better results outside than shown under laboratory conditions.
effects a significantly longer lifetime of the frying medium.
Save up to 50 % of your frying oil costs with VITO®

reduced oil consumption
less oil changes
lower cleaning effort
lower storage costs
up to 50% savings
VITO® gives you fast return of your investment
VITO® reduces the oil consumption by removing the carbonized particles, micro particles and suspended sediments
This can double the lifetime of your frying medium



 These are the 3 crucial advantages of the new Oiltester

1. Reliable, robust and easy to clean

Thanks to the washable protective case TopSafe, the measuring instrument is higenic and impact-proof. The TopSafe can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher

2. Sensor security

The sensor is embedded in metal and breakage-proof. A special protective layer makes it easy to clean and insensitive to scratching.

3. Easy handling of the oiltester

Alarm function
Automatic recognition of measurement end
(Auto-Hold %TPM)
Easily legible, large display of values
Optional usable hand strap