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Whether you're preparing haute cuisine in a top restaurant, health-conscious meals in a health care facility, or tater tots in the local school, the equipment must provide a great return on investment for the foodservice program to be successful. Alto-Shaam, specializes in creating systems and equipment that are the core of successful and profitable foodservice programs in many different industries.

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Alto-Shaam’s commercial smoker ovens smoke with real wood chips and Halo Heat technology to evenly and precisely heat and hold your product, naturally tenderizing meat and preserving moisture, flavor and nutrition. Smoker ovens provide consistent uniform temperature throughout cooking and holding.





No matter where you are – Berlin or Dubai, Paris or Saigon – you'll find MKN kitchenware powering the first-class cuisine that is served in top-class hotels, restaurants and corporate canteens or luxury cruise-liners.

MKN stands for the future in kitchenware solutions. We have a research and development department that provides tailor-made technology for every situation, optimizing all the elements for easy and efficient operation. But it doesn't end there. Design considerations are equally important. Which is why we spend so much time on delivering a product that has immediate aesthetic appeal to everyone working with it. Customers often ask us what " MKN Made in Germany" means. Our response is quite simple: "Top quality, top technology and top design". And that's why we're simply the best.

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New intuitive and handy icons, a total black texture and a fascinating front.
An improved attention to the efficiency of performances and technology bestow on Chefmate exceptional ease of use, flexibility and reliability.

Chefmate is a perfect assistant, a trustworthy mate, a friend.
Chefmate: Cooking Friendly.